25 Qty 5/16-18 x 3/8" Zinc Plated Four Prong Tee Nuts (BCP1017)

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  • For use with an externally threaded item that measures 5/16 inch and has 18 threads per inch
  • Package contains 25 pieces
  • Height: .423"
  • Width: .867"
  • Zinc plated steel offers good corrosion resistance in many environments

A T-nut, T nut, or tee nut (also known as a blind nut or insert nut) is a type of nut used to fasten a wood, particle board or other composite materials, leaving a flush surface.

Tee Nuts are comprised of a long thin body and a flange at one end, resembling a T in profile. The flanges of the T-nuts have hooks or serrations on the prongs that dig into a wooden work piece as the bolt is tightened from the opposite side of the piece, providing better retention.