100 Qty 1/4-20 x 2-1/2" Flat Head Thread Cutting Floor Board Trailer Deck Screws | Black Phosphate | T30 Star Drive | Type F (BCP1221)

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  • High resistances to torque, shear, and tension when applied
  • Blunt tapered point with multi-cutting edges and chip cavities
  • Star drive style to designed to reduce the chance of slip out during proper installation
  • A thread cutting screw cuts its own threads into an existing hole
  • Package Includes 100 Screws

Our premium screws are engineered for superior strength, featuring machine screw style threads to hold tight under high tension, shear, and torque forces. The uniquely designed blunt tapered points with multiple cutting edges and chip cavities allow these screws to tap and cut their own threads into an existing hole, eliminating the need for pre-tapping in most applications. This not only saves time and effort, but also minimizes the chance of stripping during installation. The star drive style heads are designed to reduce slippage from the driving bit, ensuring proper engagement and tightening. Overall, these high performance screws deliver maximum holding power while minimizing the chance of stripping or damage during installation into existing holes and materials. Their combination of self-tapping ability, high strength, slip resistance, and damage resistance makes them ideal for a wide range of demanding applications.