Tapcon 1/4" x 2-3/4" Stainless Steel Hex Head Concrete Anchor Screws 3370907 | 100 Pack | Drill Bit Included

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  • Tapcon anchors are masonry screws designed with Advanced Threadform Technology ™ which cuts threads into all masonry materials including concrete, block and brick.
  • Package includes 100 screws and a drill bit
  • Many applications that include marine construction, screened porches, railings, pool enclosures, environmental, costal construction, water & utilities, boat building, wastewater, and sanitation
  • 410 Stainless steel finish provides a decorative aesthetic and superior corrosion resistance for long lasting performance
  • Advanced thread form reduces installation torque by 30%, allowing for use in a wider range of materials
  • All genuine Tapcon anchors are engineered and manufactured in the United States with a reputation for quality, strength and ease of installation from industry professionals
  • Approved for use in ACQ treated lumber

Providing the ultimate in corrosion, rust, stain and temperature resistance, the 410 Stainless Steel Tapcon is the most universal screw for almost any application.  As the original Concrete screw anchor that revolutionized the construction world, Tapcon brand Concrete anchors deliver the ease of use, superior precision and the unparalleled performance that professionals demand. Tapcon Concrete screw anchors draw from its unique ability to TAP its own threads into Concrete, making it an excellent alternative to expansion anchors, plugs and lag shields. Use Tapcon Concrete screw anchors for installing sill plates, electrical equipment, furring strips and many other applications that require fastening into brick, block or Concrete.